Ming Chi Enterprise, LLC
Kai Hua Technology, LLC

Founded in 1960, Ming Chi Enterprise has been growing substantially ever since. Following the guiding principles of “Quality, Technology and Service,” the company developed its proprietary formulas to serve semiconductor and electronic industries. The products have received high regards and are favored among the insiders and highly skilled technicians.  Because Ming Ji’s products are well received and trusted by the industry, its sales volumes have increased exponentially year by year.

The predecessor of Ming Chi Enterprise is Ya Zhou Chemical Research Institute, which was renamed as Ming Chi Enterprise in 1978. Ming Chi Enterprise further established a subsidiary company, Kai Hua Technology, to better serve a wide spectrum of customers.

Ming Chi’s Best-Known Flagship Products:
1. SW-2X: New Electroless Nickel Plating Solution for Silicon Wafer
2. Boni-100A-Boni-100B : Electroless Ni-B Plating Solution. To perform double coating, Ni-B Plating Solution can be used to replace SW-2X. This will further enhance the welding quality and its overall performance.

Corporate Culture

Management Philosophy

We are committed to the best product quality to help our customers meet the changing and competitive business environment and to help them gain market advantage and achieve success.

Ming Chi Enterprise, LLC Kai Hua Technology, LLC
Electroless Nickel Plating Solution for Silicon Wafer